Success Stories

We wish we had known all this a long time ago!

Whether times were tough or not, Jeff and Jammie always felt they could never catch up financially. The non-judgmental advice they received from Dollars and Sensibility not only allowed them to effectively manage their resources, but also removed a large amount of stress from their lives and marriage.

Video Transcript:

We wish we had known all this a long time ago!

Jeff: I’m Jeff and this is my wife Jammie and before we came to Tom at Dollars and Sensibility we struggled with our finances.  We struggled with the current economy, with our job situation, and even when times are good.  It seemed like we were always getting behind.

Jammie: For years, I thought I do the bills in our home and I thought that I was doing what every other American family did with my bills.  I paid them, I kept track of them in my check registry or on Quickbooks however it was and that was it, that’s how it was for me.  If there was money in the bank account, there was money to spend.

Jeff: It seemed like we could never quite catch up and how much money was coming in didn’t really affect that.  It seemed like the more money that came in the bigger the holes we ended up finding ourselves in.

Jammie: It was very insecure, it was hard emotionally on us as a couple, as a family.  It was hard on me because all the responsibilities of the household, finances, and chores were on me and it was weighing me down.

Jeff: As a provider, when you go from money in the bank to living on credit cards it sort of a slow sinking feeling. You know you are falling behind but it’s easy to ignore because that monthly minimum payment is very doable but over time, it becomes not so doable.  You just feel it coming and it’s very frustrating; it’s very difficult for your pride as a provider to say “jeez, this isn’t working” and you think the solution is you need to go make more money and a lot of the times that is not the solution.

Jammie: Finally when your pride lets you figure it out that, “hey, I need some help doing this and how am I going to do it? Where do I go to find out?”

Jeff: That’s a big thing, you do have to set your pride aside and once you are able to look past that and say there is nothing wrong with this, there is nothing wrong with taking an experts advice.  That’s what the wealthy do, that’s what people who let their money work for them do.  They don’t make every decision on their own.  They take council and we finally decided to that.  It was the best thing that we did.  One thing that amazes me working with Dollars and Sensibility is that going into it you look at your own personal finances and you think you see the whole picture.  I mean, what is there to see, you know you bring in this much money, and this much is going out.  These are the bills I have; this is what I get paid.  You just think to yourself, what can anyone tell me that I don’t know myself and that’s not to be arrogant, it just seems simplistic, it seems that there is nothing anyone can really tell me.  I don’t make enough money to cover the bills that I have, but that’s not the case.  You need to trust sometimes that there is experienced professionals out there that can see things that you don’t even know about, options that you don’t know about, and ways of handling the bills that you have and that works really well for us.

Jammie: Since we have met with Dollars and Sensibility; things in our life have financially changed, the fighting has stopped, the feeling guilty has stopped and our life is back on a financial road that I wish we had been on 20 years ago.

Jeff: You know, since working with Dollars and Sensibility we’re happier.  It has taken so much stress out of our marriage.  Things aren’t easier per say, we still struggle.  We still have to go without sometimes but it’s just clear and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  That’s the thing that’s really nice, is when we first came in we were here, and from here we can go nowhere but up if we followed the plan.  It’s kind of a no brainer, so we followed the plan and our life just keeps getting better and better and better.

Jammie:  It has changed the way Jeff and I view our money, it has changed how we teach our children as well how we view our money so no longer are they going to, the older they get they’re going to know, they’re not going to be in the dark as well and they can help decide as the older they get how to budget the money.  Nobody has to be the bad guy anymore.  Jeff doesn’t have to say, “nope, we can’t go get pizza tonight guys, not because I don’t want to but because let’s look at the budget.”

Jeff: But you don’t really have to suffer either, you know, there is money just sometimes you have to wait a week or two until it flows back in.

Jammie: To me personally, there is no better team than Tom and he will be upfront and honest and say, “that’s not my expertise but I have a guy who is or I have an insurance guy, I have a budgeting guy, I have this guy, an attorney for any legal issues. That’s not my thing, I’ll be honest with you but this guy is and he is the best there is.”

Jeff: And you can trust those people

Jammie: Nobody judges, nobody says, “Well you shouldn’t have bought that 4-wheeler or you shouldn’t have done this.”  It’s just, “how can we get this solved?  Let’s move on, how can we move from here.  It’s very confidential, very friendly, non judgmental, kind, smart, and intelligent people who just help.

Jeff: I feel more foolish about not doing it sooner than actually coming in and bearing our financial soul.