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Like the rest of America, it’s a tough time. Things have become more and more difficult. For me it was hard because I was basically in charge of paying the bills and making the deposits… We both work and work hard, and wanna feel like we shouldn’t be so strapped. It was hard at first to want to talk to someone about finances because it’s something that’s so personal. Even after our first visit, it was so nice to have someone to talk to it about. At first it was hard to want to do it, but I’m so glad that we did. If anything, they’ve given us principles for the long haul. .. We’re not out of the words, we’ve had to make some changes.. We’ve had to scale back and we’re thinking about selling our house. That’s not a bad thing. Working with them it shows, we’re still a family, we’re still a unit, our house isn’t making our home. You’re not a failure if you’ve had to make changes in your home situation. It’s a comfortable situation. It’s nice to know that we have somebody to call. That’s it’s not just us two anymore. We have someone that’s there to help us out. It allows us to be able to plan for the things that we like and we want. There are better ways of doing it. Put more heads together and come up with a plan so we can live more stress free.

Video Transcript:

Tyler: Hello, my name is Tyler and this is my wife Christina.  We like the rest of America, it is a tough time.  You know, we struggle to make ends meet and we both work and I feel like a have a pretty good job but at the same time, things have changed in America and things have become more difficult and I felt pretty good about the salary I was bringing home but still, at the end of the day we weren’t making ends meet.

Christina:  For me, it was hard because I was basically in charge of paying the bills and making the deposits.  He would come home and I’d have to say, “Well, can’t pay for this today.” And he would feel bad because he felt like he was making good money, just after depositing the paycheck it was suddenly already gone.  So that was really hard and frustrating because both work and work hard and want to feel like we shouldn’t be so strapped.

Tyler: Awful, I mean I feel like I get up and slave from sun up to sun down and it would be nice to say well can I take you out to dinner for a date or something and we can’t really do it because the money is already gone. Not only is it frustrating that you are not making it work and then you are questioning yourself. “What am I doing? Am I not doing enough? Do I need to look for another job? Do I need to look for something else to continue to make it work?”  She works hard as well with her job and career and I think a lot of it is, yeah we had the money there.  We just needed the counsel on how to structure it and make it better.

Christine: It was hard at first to want to talk to somebody about finances because it is something that is so personal but even after our first initial visit it was so nice to be able to plan things out and it was nice, we kind of mentioned earlier to be able to budget for vacations, to budget to go out so you can still do the things you want to do but just know there is a category or place for it.  There is a budget for it and try to live within it.  At first it was hard to want to do it but we’re so glad that we did.

Tyler: We are not out of the woods with this and I don’t think you ever will be.  I think, if anything, they have given us principles for the long haul and how to incorporate things such as 401k’s, plan for retirement, and plan for kid’s education.  It’s not like wammo and you are debt free.  This program is not that, it’s giving you good financial principles that I never got in highschool or in college.

Christine: Before, I felt like we were shuffling credit cards.  How much money should we put on a credit card this month or how much should we use our debit card.  It is nice to be able to use our debit card and be able to track everything that is going on through one account.

Tyler: We have had to make some changes, changes in our home situation.  We got into a home that really was too expensive in a lot of ways.  We have had to scale back and we are thinking about selling our house.  That’s not a bad thing.  For the longest time, “I don’t want to do this” but I think working on this shows that we are still family, we are still a unit.  Our house is not making our home.  Have a better perspective, if anything, I think it is giving me perspective on, you are not a failure if you have to make changes on your home situation.  I feel like I am a little more accountable to her.

Christine:  He texts me every time he goes to 7-11 to buy a Big Gulp

Tyler: 7-11 $3.50.  It’s good, I hated it at first but it’s comforting to know that I can put the debit card in the gas machine and know that there is money there.

Christine:  It’s a comfortable situation to know that there is somebody to call.  It’s not just us trying to figure it out, that we do have more than just us.  There is a team behind us helping us be able to figure this all out.

Tyler: I’m a guy and like to have fun.  Not that this has limited us but at least allows us to plan for those things and for the things that we like.  You just have to do it with structure.  How did that thing get on your credit card or how did it get there.

Christine: I feel like everyone can use a little help.  I think there’s always a better way to doing things.  I think that Dollars and Sensibility has helped us realize that there are better ways of doing it. Put more heads together and come up with a good plan so that you can feel like you can live more stress-free and enjoy things a little bit better.

Tyler: It’s smart, it’s basic principles we should all have and follow.  If there is changes in your lifestyle that need to align with what your income is these guys help you with it and that’s an ok thing. Basic principles that we should all live buy.