Red Personality

Financial Personality Color: Red

A Red personality enjoys the moment not necessarily focused on the future.  They tend to put off some things that need to get done when those things interfere with what they want to do.  Avoids conflict and looks for being at peace.  They are willing to take a risk.  They are spontaneous,   trust others, and   comfortable with having others help manage their resources. 


Example:  Changing your automobile oil.

Oil changes are not necessarily at the top of your list and sometimes get overlooked. .


Financial Personality


  • Motive – Spontaneous; Impulse buyer


  • Buys because of unmet needs
  • Willing to take risk
  • Spontaneous
  • Not a numbers person
  • Doesn’t read the fine print
  • Buys for fashion
  • Not always on time
  • Know what you want



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