Orange Personality

Financial Personality Color: Orange


An Orange personality tends to be a “saver with impulses”.   They see where they want to be but do not always follow through with their plan .    Justifies decisions and wait for other people to help with the follow through.   Impulsive at times and in in some areas of their life while able to disregard other areas.   Conscious of costs and tends to look for deals. 


Example:  Changing your automobile oil.

An Orange takes the automobile to a quick lube for the scheduled oil change. 



Financial Personality


  • Motive – cautiously impulsive


  • Knows but doesn’t always do
  • Buys because of tradition as much as value
  • Researches but doesn’t follow through the numbers
  • Doesn’t always read the fine print
  • Buys the generic version of latest fashion
  • Stepping stone purchaser



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