Independent Agents

Informed choices from the very best available.  One place with access to all the top companies and full understanding of what is offered for each individual’s needs and wants.  We have been very selective of who we work with as affiliates in our company.  We have chosen independent agents in their respective fields because they offer the most choices with the top companies for the cheapest price.  Let me explain how this works: For example, some insurance companies rate a person on their credit score, others don’t even rate credit, but number of accidents, yet, focuses on home insurance and another car insurance.  So, when the TV advertisements state savings with one company vs. another, that is so broad, that it may be good for one person, but not another.  If you deal with one insurance company representing their products and emphasis on coverage, it likely won’t be the best for your particular situation.  If you deal with an independent agent who represents all companies, he can rate you with multiple companies after finding out more about your wants and needs and you know you will get the very best insurance.  Mortgage companies work the same way.

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