Emotional vs. Financial Decision Making

Emotional vs. Financial Decision making

Be care that you don’t mix it up and make a financial decision based solely on an emotional moment or an emotional decision based upon one area of a financial decision

Have you ever said this?

 I hate throwing away rent…

I would get better gas mileage on a new car…

This old car is going to break down someday…

I’m going to refinance…all my friends are doing it…

HOA-I want a place that takes care of my lawn…costs $200/month year round, you could pay that or less to have your lawn cut

Payment savings vs. interest savings-show how to calculate the difference

Some of us are on a 3-5 year timeframe, in other words we get bored before anything ever wears out.  Others (I expect the minority) will use something until it’s dead and still try and use CPR long after it’s life have been lived.

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