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People Tom has Helped


Lost after divorce..They showed me how

I never thought after 30 years of marriage that I would find myself divorced. It was frightening. So many big decisions to make that I hadn’t thought about before. I found answers and solutions as I worked through them with Dollars and Sensibility!

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Being self employed doesn’t mean I’m alone anymore

Owning a business leaves me making all the decisions. I know my business, but I realized that I didn’t necessarily know everything needed to run my business smartly. Dollars and Sensiblity coached me through some tough times and helped me fix some bad decisions I had made in the past.

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We see light at the end of the tunnel!

It’s been tough the last few years even though we make pretty good money. The economy hit us hard. We found ourselves with a house that was underwater and our income reduced. What to do with the house and how do we make ends meet in these unknown circumstances? Dollars and Sensibility gave us some tools and expertise to help us navigate through these rough times. We aren’t out of the woods, yet, but we see where to go now.

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We wish we had known all this a long time ago!

It seems so simple now! . After Dollars and Sensibility showed us some financial skills regarding our budget and spending habits everything seems better. Our marriage, our stress level, everything!

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